Research and Education

Mission statement

ACIO wildlife conservation envisions a world where wildlife prospers in healthy lands and seas, valued by societies that embrace and benefit from the diversity and integrity of life on earth.


Research and Education

We face threats to biodiversity that stem from different human-related factors. There are many endangered species within different ecosys tems. We work to ensure that we protect the biodiversity and these endangered species which play a key role in their natural habitats and maintain the circle of life. By working with different organizations and advocating for policies that work towards more protection, we ensure that rare wild spectacles are protected.

In its commitment to wildlife conservation, ACIO places a strong emphasis on research and education. By engaging in extensive educational initiatives, ACIO aims to enlighten the public about the critical role of conservation and the individual actions necessary for enhanced wildlife protection and survival. The organization actively advocates for a heightened public awareness of the intricate interdependencies within ecosystems. Simultaneously, ACIO supports and conducts research initiatives focused on endangered species, emphasizing the importance of implementing strategic initiatives to ensure their protection. Through a blend of education and research, ACIO strives to inspire a sense of responsibility in current and future generations, fostering a collective dedication to the preservation of the world’s diverse and endangered wildlife.

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